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Our Services
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Our Services
We do it your home, business or church! 

CyberBiz Solutions provides a wide range of services to meet your IT needs. Whether you PC is running slow or you need help backing up data securing it against viruses, spy ware, maleware and identity theft. CyberBiz Solutions technicians are courteous and professional and ready to serve you. We will relive you of the frustration of PC installation and make technology easy to understand.

  1. In-Home Network Installation
    Find out what it takes to connect your home or office before you even make a purchase. Plus, we’ll apply the cost of consultation towards your future whole home networking installation.
  2. Repair and Upgrade Services
    Find the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness, or Internet problems Repair any operating system issues Remove all viruses and spyware Install critical updates And more!
  3. Hardware Installation
    Our Technicians can install any one internal or external hardware device onto your desktop or laptop. We’ll also install the corresponding software and configure the device to your needs.
  4. Software Installation
    From a tax preparation program to a garden design program—CyberBiz Solutions will install a utility or productivity software that you have purchased.* *Excludes operating system installation.
  5. Operating System Install
    A Technician will: Install the version of Windows or Apple operating system that you’ve purchased * Install all critical updates * Install any drivers required * Configure the software to your needs * Make sure your system runs properly
  6. And More!
    Basic Website Design Website Content Management – We will manage your website for a low monthly fee. E-Commerce (Website and Mobile Devices) – Online Store, Accept Credit Card Payments using your computer, iPhone, Android or Blackberry. Social Media Marketing & Optimization – Let us put you on Facebook or Twitter